Corporate Ambassadors

O&GA Corporate Ambassadors are Executive Committee approved representatives that deliver content for O&GA activities, programs, and events within their respective oil and energy corporation.  Corporate Ambassadors are assigned to and operate under O&GA Regions.

To represent Oil & Gas Admins International as a Corporate Ambassador for your corporation or to nominate a representative, please complete and submit the CORPORATE AMBASSADOR NOMINATION FORM.

Duties of the Corporate Ambassador

  1. Serve as a leadership liaison between his/her company and O&GA International
  2. Be familiar with O&GA policies
  3. Communicate O&GA International announcements and activities to administrative and support professionals within their respective corporations
  4. Create O&GA brand awareness among staff within his/her organization
  5. Recruit and retain members within his/her organization
  6. Participate in surveys to improve O&GA overall functions and benefits
  7. Volunteer to participate in O&GA Regional and International Conferences
  8. Work in conjunction with other Corporate Ambassadors to create committees for coordination and execution of O&GA city-wide networking events and/or volunteer events as approved by the Executive Committee
  9. Encourage relationships with vendors for O&GA city-wide networking and/or volunteer events
  10. May be requested to nominate or solicit appropriate speakers for O&GA city-wide monthly networking and/or volunteer events
  11. Participate in obtaining appropriate sponsors for O&GA city-wide events
  12. Attend O&GA monthly networking events (as many as possible)
  13. Attend O&GA’s annual conference


  • Have current or prior oil, gas or energy experience.
  • member of Oil & Gas Admins International in good standing.  Membership must be obtained within 6 months of becoming a Corporate Ambassador.
  • Begin the process to become OGAP Certified within three months of selection as a Corporate Ambassador.
  • Corporate Ambassadors may not serve in leadership roles of organizations that may create a conflict of interest.