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It is with great pleasure that we recognize and show our sincere appreciation to the 2018 Oil & Gas Admins International Leadership Team.  These fantastic individuals dedicate so much of their time to Oil & Gas Admins International and each share a personal commitment to ensuring that ME2016FORLINKEDIN4administrative and support professionals in the oil and gas industry have the best options for their career and personal development. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from diverse backgrounds and, together, strive to make Oil & Gas Admins a success. It is my great pleasure to work with each and every one.

With most sincere gratitude,

La Donna Finnels-Neal
Founder and CEO
Oil & Gas Admins International

Lakesha Bridges

Lead Ambassador – Chevron Oil & Gas International | ChevronLeadership Team
Work P. O. Box 701174 Harris Houston TX 77270 United States Work Phone: 8775671677
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Biographical Info

Lakesha is currently Sr. Administrative Professional, Facilities Engineering at Chevron Corporation.  She has over 16 years industry experience and holds a B.A. from Texas Southern University in Psychology/Sociology.

Lakesha previously worked at Unocal 76 Physical Data and Records Team Lead (2003), Chevron Information Technology Records Department HR support (2006), ETC Facilities Engineering Enterprise Manager support (2009); Transferred to Upstream Capability supporting General Manager (2011).  She is currently employed in Chevron’s ETC Facilities Engineering Department supporting General Manager (2016).

Lakesha is married to Scotty Bridges.

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