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It is with great pleasure that we recognize and show our sincere appreciation to the 2018 Oil & Gas Admins International Leadership Team.  These fantastic individuals dedicate so much of their time to Oil & Gas Admins International and each share a personal commitment to ensuring that ME2016FORLINKEDIN4administrative and support professionals in the oil and gas industry have the best options for their career and personal development. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from diverse backgrounds and, together, strive to make Oil & Gas Admins a success. It is my great pleasure to work with each and every one.

With most sincere gratitude,

La Donna Finnels-Neal
Founder and CEO
Oil & Gas Admins International

La Donna Finnels-Neal

Founder and CEO Oil & Gas Admins InternationalExecutive Board
Work P. O. Box 701174 Harris Houston TX 77270 United States Work Phone: 8775671677 Website: La Donna Finnels Enterprises
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La Donna Finnels-Neal is the founder of Oil and Gas Admins International, a networking and educational trade organization for administrative and support professionals with careers in the oil, gas and energy industries. She is a Solutions Expert creating opportunities for career, personal and business development using innovative processes, connections and events through her company La Donna Finnels Enterprises.

Ms. Finnels-Neal sits on the editorial board of Texas Oil & Gas Magazine and has over 20 years’ experience in the oil, gas and energy industries primarily in Fortune 10 energy corporations with expertise in the diverse areas of Business and Career Development, Project Planning and Execution.

She is very adventurous and enjoys traveling the world, exploring and learning about new things and different cultures, but her passion is solving problems and helping others succeed. Her motto is “Love your life…if you don’t love it…change it! Make it happy!”, and she strives to live it daily!

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