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OGAP - Oil & Gas Administrative Professional Certification

Your Skills are UNIQUE!

Administrative professionals from global oil and energy companies met at the 1st Annual Oil & Gas Admins International Conference and Vendor Exhibition to share experiences and expertise to help build the course criteria for the Oil & Gas Administrative Professional Certification (OGAP).

This certification is the first of its kind for oil and energy industry administrative support professionals. Industry administrative professionals, employed by global industry giants, independent E&P companies as well as grass-root small businesses, created the Oil and Gas Administrative Professionals (OGAP) certification. The certification’s robust criterion is designed to measure and validate the OGAP’s proven understanding and demonstrated knowledge of the oil & energy industry and administrative support standards, add to the OGAP’s technical knowledge, and provide a venue that defines the OGAP’s value and improved marketability within the oil and energy industry.  The program is endorsed by oil and industry experts and leaders from a cross-section of global oil and energy companies and organizations.

This certification demonstrates “industry” knowledge and is in no way specifically based on operations or policies of one particular oil and energy company or organization.


Visit the O&GA Certification FAQ page for more information.


  • Recognition for your proven understanding of oil & gas administrative support standards in the oil and gas industry
  • Demonstration of your knowledge of the oil & gas industry
  • Adding to your oil & gas administrative professional technical knowledge
  • Becoming more marketable and valuable in your industry for professional career progression


  • Complete all modules and pre-tests and take a final exam to measure your level of oil & gas knowledge for administrative professionals
  • Demonstrate at least 2 years of administrative professional experience in the oil, gas and energy industry OR
  • Demonstrate at least 5 years of administrative professional experience in any industry with the intention of working in the oil, gas and energy industry.


$250.00 $125.00 *until November 9, 2018

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