Oil & Gas Admins International Partners with HMNS Wiess Energy Hall for OGAP Certification

O&GA International has partnered with the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Wiess Energy Hall for the Oil & Gas Administrative Professionals (OGAP) Certification!  

The OGAP Certification’s robust criterion is designed to give the administrative professional an overview of the industry from the “reservoir to the pump” and to measure and validate the professional’s understanding and knowledge of the oil & gas industry.  It adds to the professional’s technical knowledge, and provides a venue that defines the professional’s value and improved marketability within the oil and gas industry. The program is endorsed by oil industry experts and leaders from a cross-section of global oil and gas companies and organizations.

Upon completion of the certification, professionals will have an opportunity to participate in a guided tour of Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for a “visual” experience of the OGAP Certification content.  The tours will take place the fourth Thursday of each month.

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To register to receive your OGAP Certification and take advantage of the special registration promo, please see the options below.  

O&GA MEMBERS – $150.00
NON-MEMBERS – $300.00