Vendor and Supplier Discounts and Promotional Offers to OGA Members

Oil & Gas Admins International sincerely appreciates your support and partnership to offer discounts and promotional offers to our members.  Our members represent the multi-billion dollar oil and energy industry and are usually the first to procure business with vendors and suppliers. Your discounts and promotional offers helps Oil & Gas Admins International add tremendous membership value and exposes our members to your quality products and services.

To extend your current discounts and promotional offers or to create new ones specifically for O&GA International members, please complete and submit the form below.  Long-term discounts and promotions (over the term of a membership year) are especially appreciated.
You may submit new discounts and promotions at any time.

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  • Discount codes typically apply to products or services with a set price.
  • Promotional offers are promotional discounts you have created specifically for O&GA Members or other promotions you may want to extend to O&GA members.