Certified OGAP and OGVS Icons

The OGAP icon is available to O&GA Certified Administrative Professionals members that have met the requirements to become a Certified Oil & Gas Administrative Professional (OGAP).

The OGVS icon is available to Vendors and Suppliers that have met the requirements to become Certified Oil & Gas Vendor and Suppliers (OGVS)

 Passing the certification exam is a mandatory requirement.

You may use the icon on:

  • email signatures
  • online profiles
  • printed material such as resumes or business cards

The icon allows you to promote your membership in O&GA and demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development. It is an O&GA member benefit and should not be shared with others who are not O&GA members and are not O&GA Certified Administrative Professionals or O&GA Certified Vendors and Suppliers.

Request Icon

To request the icon, send an email to contact@oilandgasadmins.com.

Who can use the icon:

  • Only O&GA professional members and vendors and suppliers in good standing who have completed the certification requirements may use the respective icon. The icon indicates O&GA membership and that you have met the OGAP or OGVS requirements.
  • Under no circumstances may any member use the OGAP or OGVS icon in such a manner that the sponsorship, endorsement, approval, or sanction of O&GA International could be construed.
  • No member may redraw, alter, or graphically distort the OGAP or OGVS icon. It may not be outlined or combined with any other symbol.
  • O&GA professional members are permitted to use the O&GA Member Icon. However, O&GA professional members cannot use the OGAP icon until they become certified.

Sample OGA Certified Logo

The icon may not be used by the following:

  • Non-members, including former members whose membership has lapsed due to nonpayment of dues.
  • Members who have not met the certification requirements.

O&GA reserves the right to disallow any use of the OGAP or OGVS icon.