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O&GA International Overview & Benefits



O&GA was founded to foster exceptional career and personal development and performance through education and networking. O&GA works to expose oil and energy administrative and support professionals to industry information and technologies to develop the necessary skills required for career advancement and to most effectively support the global and diverse oil and energy industry. 




This certification is the first of its kind for oil and energy industry administrative support professionals. Industry administrative professionals, employed by global industry giants, independent E&P companies as well as grass-root small businesses, created the Oil and Gas Administrative Professionals (OGAP) certification. The certification’s robust criterion is designed to measure and validate the OGAP’s proven understanding and demonstrated knowledge of the oil & energy industry and administrative support standards, add to the OGAP’s technical knowledge, and provide a venue that defines the OGAP’s value and improved marketability within the oil and energy industry.  The program is endorsed by oil and industry experts and leaders from a cross-section of global oil and energy companies and organizations.

This certification demonstrates “industry” knowledge and is in no way specifically based on operations or policies of one particular oil and energy company or organization.  “From the Reservoir to the Pump”.


Each quarter O&GA strives to invite industry technical leaders to teach our members and supporters about different aspects of the energy industry.  Administrative Professionals learn about every aspect of the industry “from the reservoir to the pump” and also have opportunities to visit energy industry facilities such as refineries, offshore rigs, core labs, rock formations, industry museums, etc. 

The training and field trips help the oil and gas administrative professional gain a better first hand understanding of the industry they support, assisting in their career development and helping to be more beneficial to their manager, team and company.  


The Annual Oil & Gas Admins International Conference and Vendor Exhibition focuses on tips, tricks, tools and resources to help industry administrative and support professionals successfully navigate and succeed in the oil and gas industry and professional administrative role.

The conference is the first to focus specifically on career and personal growth and development for oil and gas administrative professionals. It features dynamic and relevant speakers who share their wisdom and expertise to establish your vision, gain direction and to execute your plans for career and personal success.


Individuals that attend the conference are:

  • Administrative and support professionals in the oil & gas industry
  • Administrative Team Leaders
  • Administrative and support professionals seeking to work in the oil & gas Industry
  • Vendors, Suppliers, Employers
  • Anyone looking for information and inspiration


Attendees will have the chance to view, sample and learn about products and services from a wide variety of vendors that service the needs of the oil and gas administrative professional, and/or the oil and gas industry. Attendees had the opportunity to experience over 85 exhibitors at the 6th Annual conference!


The conference is the first to focus specifically on career and personal growth and development for oil and gas administrative professionals. It features dynamic and relevant speakers who share their wisdom and expertise on a range of topics. Our past speakers have included diverse and dynamic oil and gas industry leaders and career and personal development experts.  

Our goal for the conference and for Oil & Gas Admins International is always to ensure that the administrative professionals have a thorough knowledge of not only administrative and soft skills but also thorough and certifiable knowledge of the oil and gas industry.



Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an eight hour course that teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with the signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in a crisis and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self-help care.   

MHFA is an evidence-based program that is being used internationally. 

  • Identify mental health crises and concerns
  • Provide help, comfort, and support to promote and enhance recovery
  • Preserve life when a person may be a danger to self or others
  • Identify signs & symptoms of common mental health disorders,
  • Build awareness of community resources for mental health
  • Understand stigma associated with mental illness and its effects

ALGEE, the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan

  • Assess for risk of suicide or harm
  • Listen non-judgmentally
  • Give reassurance and information
  • Encourage appropriate professional help
  • Encourage self-help and other support strategies


Each month, Oil & Gas Admins International partners with local businesses to execute our monthly networking events.  In the Houston area, two monthly events are executed on the north side of town and in the energy corridor, downtown or nearby area.  Globally, O&GA holds introductory networking events in various cities in various countries. 

At each event, O&GA strives to: 

  • Give administrative professionals the opportunity to meet, connect, share best practices and lessons learned with peers outside of their companies. 
  • Give the attendees the ability to learn about:
    • O&GA Upcoming programs
    • OGAP Certification and Training
    • O&GA Leadership Opportunities
    • Global Networking
    • Conferences and Events and More
  • Take a tour of the event sponsor’s facility and learn about the fantastic services they have to offer and how those services can benefit the oil and gas administrative professional.

Successes include:

  • Helping unemployed industry administrative professionals learn of potential opportunities and gain employment.
  • Building valuable strategic partnerships between vendors and suppliers that serve the industry with industry administrative and support professionals.
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned to assist the admin professional in career and personal development.
    Exposing admin professionals to new venues for event and training opportunities.


O&GA Corporate Ambassadors are Executive Committee approved representatives that deliver content for O&GA activities, programs, and events within their respective oil and energy corporation. 


  • Gain leadership skills by serving on a diverse leadership team consisting of peers that represent various energy companies.
  • Have the opportunity to gain professional leadership and team building training.
  • Learn ways to create professional and personal benefits for their administrative peers, their managers and their company.
  • Serve as leadership representative for their respective company through O&GA when serving on the team and when dealing with O&GA supporters, sponsors, vendors and suppliers.
  • Have the opportunity to lead O&GA committees and build teams to execute activities.
  • Have the opportunity to speak at O&GA events and cultivate relationships between attendees.
  • Have the opportunity to learn how to build relationships with a global community with potential to travel to various cities in various countries.


  1. Serve as a leadership liaison between his/her company and O&GA International
  2. Be familiar with O&GA policies
  3. Communicate O&GA International announcements and activities to administrative and support professionals within their respective corporations
  4. Create O&GA brand awareness among staff within his/her organization
  5. Recruit and retain members within his/her organization
  6. Participate in surveys to improve O&GA overall functions and benefits
  7. Volunteer to participate in O&GA Regional and International Conferences
  8. Work in conjunction with other Corporate Ambassadors to create committees for coordination and execution of O&GA city-wide networking events and/or volunteer events as approved by the Executive Committee
  9. Encourage relationships with vendors for O&GA city-wide networking and/or volunteer events
  10. May be requested to nominate or solicit appropriate speakers for O&GA city-wide monthly networking and/or volunteer events
  11. Participate in obtaining appropriate sponsors for O&GA city-wide events
  12. Attend O&GA monthly networking events (as many as possible)
  13. Attend O&GA’s annual conference